4 Easy Tips to Improve Your Customer Service in 2020

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Providing stellar customer service is more important than ever before. Companies are successful when there is a company culture of putting customer service and satisfaction first. According to an American Express study, many Americans have decided not to make a purchase because of a poor customer service experience. Losing customers because of poor customer service is entirely avoidable!

Keep reading to learn four easy tips, such as using a business answering service, that your team can use in order to increase customer satisfaction, which leads to more sales, a growing number of loyal customers, and overall success.

1. Treat Customers How You Want to Be Treated

Customers want to see the best side of your business, so customer service reps need to be trained to be able to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and to show a little bit of sympathy. More often than not, customers are reaching out because they are confused or upset.

Work to instill a positive attitude among your staff members by offering routine training. Hold mock scenarios with both easy-going and difficult customers so that representatives know how to handle each situation the right way.

Ensure that your customer service team knows that being rude and condescending is never the best way to handle things. Kindness and patience will satisfy the customer more often than not.

2. Embrace Customer Feedback

When customers share how they feel about your company, including your customer service, take it to heart! While it’s nice to see a bunch of 5-star reviews that put your business in a positive light, a successful company will make good use of negative feedback as well.

Instead of ignoring criticism and negative reviews, use it to better your brand. Remember, consumers often read online reviews about a company and its products before making a purchase. This means that you’ll want to stay on top of these reviews and observe what people are saying. Take the time to respond to feedback, both good and bad, and explain how negative reviews were remedied.

Aside from using customer reviews left on your Google listing or your website, it’s also beneficial to send a customer satisfaction survey after they have contacted your customer service team.

3. Be Informational

Customers don’t want to call your company only to be passed around to various representatives before they get an answer to their question. They also don’t want a situation where the representative doesn’t have the answer or has to conduct some research before the right answer can be given.

The fact is that when customers contact your company, they want an answer as soon as possible. They aren’t looking for the runaround. The quicker customers can get an answer, the more positive they will view the interaction.

To help agents be more informational and helpful to customers, create a sheet of frequently asked questions. This way, answers to all of the most commonly asked questions are easily accessible. By having this information handy, customer service reps can give accurate information as quickly as possible.

4. Outsource Customer Service

If you run a small business, you may not have enough employees in order to stay on top of customer communications. With so many other pertinent business processes to keep track of, it’s easy for customer service to take the backburner.

The good news is that if you don’t have enough staff members to handle customer service duties, you can always outsource the work! There are all sorts of companies that offer call center services, which ensures your customers aren’t left in the dark.

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