24-Hour Call Center and Answering Services for HVAC Contractors

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AnswerMTI is a professional 24-hour HVAC Answering Service delivering expert customer service solutions since 1982. Our energetic, well-trained, live virtual receptionists provide 24/7 dispatch service and message-taking services with complete professionalism, no matter when your customer might call. We offer after-hours coverage, weekend, and holiday call answering.

There are many reasons to hire an HVAC answering service. As a partner with AnswerMTI, you will always enjoy simple pricing with no contracts or hidden fees. We know heating and air conditioning contractors require special call handling and expertise.

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Quality Service

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Heat pumps and air conditioning units can become overworked and stop functioning properly in cold weather, ice storms, or extreme heat. This is highly uncomfortable for most people. It’s even worse for small children, sick people, and the elderly.

What happens next? HVAC contractors see higher levels of call volumes. An HVAC virtual receptionist can avoid missed calls and missed opportunities. We’re here to prevent such losses and provide you with 24-hour answering and customer support.

Benefits of an HVAC Call Center

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In the HVAC industry, customers may call at any time to schedule an appointment, ask questions, or request emergency assistance. A live HVAC answering service is an invaluable asset. You can’t spend all your waking hours working, but we can handle after-hours calls with professionalism and spark to ensure current and prospective customers’ needs are managed.

Calls and urgent messages are dispatched immediately by a live HVAC receptionist. If a client has an HVAC emergency, their call or message can be forwarded immediately based on your escalation preferences; call patching via cell phone, pager, PDA, text message, voicemail, or email is available.

Your customers are never left waiting, no matter what hour of the day or night it is. Our HVAC call center service is truly affordable, as you only pay for the amount of time we spend helping your callers.

Our after-hours answering service for HVAC professionals also includes:

Client Tracking

You can track all your service calls in real time. Access call recordings and measure the response time of our HVAC receptionists. Even capture leads from your advertising strategies when prospective customers’ hours are different from yours. Once their calls are captured and relayed to your team, you can follow up with them at any time.

You can track the communications of customers you already have and ensure everyone receives heating and air conditioning service when they need it.

Schedule Management

Track your call volume thanks to the full transparency of our service. A full view of your customers’ needs helps to adjust your staff and service schedules. You can also determine how many on-call technicians to have in the field with full insight into who was contacted and when.

Our representatives also screen calls to identify emergencies, in which your service will be critical, especially during a heat wave or cold spell. If scheduling changes must be made, you can perform updates yourself from your computer or phone. Our agents can always see the latest changes on your account at our state-of-the-art call center.

Reduced Cost

Operating costs are lower if you don’t need to staff a receptionist at all times and pay for the infrastructure to manage 24/7 calls. Our live HVAC receptionists are always standing by when you require them.

Plus, you’re only charged for the service you use. You can, therefore, put more effort into operating your business and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Bilingual Answering Service

AnswerMTI is prepared to address the needs of Spanish-speaking callers so you can maximize the number of clients you can accommodate. In the HVAC industry, this is of utmost importance.

Your success depends on being able to help as many people as possible, whether the calls come in at night, on the weekend, or during a holiday.

Customized HVAC Answering Services to Boost Your Business

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AnswerMTI’s HVAC receptionists can schedule appointments, manage after-hours on-call rosters, and much more. You can receive your messages instantly via an SMS text message to your cell phone or by email, or simply view them online in real time. We value your business, and we strive to meet even the highest standards of the toughest critics.

To show you how serious we are, we invite you to take full advantage of a free one-week, no-obligation trial. When the air conditioning goes out, and customers can’t get the heating or cooling they need, they’ll quickly search for an HVAC provider who can instantly help. Keep track of every call, even after business hours.

AnswerMTI offers just the solution with our full-featured HVAC answering service. We serve HVAC clients of any size across the West, Southwest, Midwest, Northeast, and Southeast. For more information about our 24-hour answering and after-hours dispatch services for HVAC businesses, contact us today!