Heating & A/C Answering Service Benefits

A Simple, One Step Solution for HVAC Contractors to Build Their Customer Base, Fast

If you’re a Heating & A/C Contractor, it’s important for you to gain customers for your business to thrive. Your goal is to be able to produce a constant stream of customers for a consistent cash flow.


Statistics: The bad news is, there are thousands of people just like you, perhaps hundreds competing for the same customers in the same area. The good news is, not many of them possess the knowledge to turn those potential customers into paying customers.


There are a variety of reasons why you’d be looking for ways to build your customer base through an HVAC Answering Service:


  • You are missing potential customers that are calling while you are busy or well after hours
  • It doesn’t make good economic sense to employ a receptionist to field 15 -20 after hours calls, but those calls can generate a tremendous amount of revenue
  • You hate involving yourself in the “cheapest price” competition for services
  • You are better at your skills than sales and using a qualified HVAC answering service you can have a trained receptionist schedule appointments on your behalf
  • You are investing nicely in your marketing efforts but not able to answer the sales opportunities as often as you’d like to

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The key to growing a customer base quickly is focus more on retaining customers and capturing new one, instead of focusing so much attention on management. A simple, one-step way to do this to employ an answering service that understands your business. Here are 3 ways your HVAC business can benefit from an answering service:

1.) You never miss a call. A missed call can be the primary reason that a potential customer chooses another business over yours. Many of them will call after hours and not be able to reach the average business, but an answering service is working on your behalf 24/7, making sure that every caller has the potential to be converted into a customer. The professionals at an answering service are well versed in the inner-workings of your business and work WITH you to make sure you quickly retain the customers that call.

2.) You’re free to focus on other aspects of building your business. With your phone calls being taken care of, you can focus other methods of growing your business, such as reputation marketing—improving the overall image of your business, and better customer service. Many customers will take a look at the online reputation that a business has before they agree to hire them, which is why it’s important to make time to offer the best service possible.

3.) An answering service for HVAC contractors is organized and aware of what’s happening. They can keep track on when an on-call technician is working with another customer or has called out, and when they can be ready for another job. And while on a service call, they can redirect additional calls to the next on-call technician. They are up-to-date with what’s happening on any given day. This way, customers are handled in a quick and efficient manner.