What Can An Answering Service Do For My Business?

Do you know all the benefits that a live answering service can provide for your company?

Having an answering service provider could be extremely beneficial to your business. However, most people don’t even understand what answering service actually is, much less the countless ways that they could benefit from having one.


An answering service can be confused with call center services (we can help here too), but they have major differences. A call center is usually geared towards major products or services that have hundreds or thousands of potential and current customers calling each day. Many of those types of services are tech-related, such as a phone service or a laptop brand.


Call center services are generally more detailed to support order fulfillment, help desk support, and technical services, while answering service companies serve as an intermediate between the caller and the business, giving them a human to talk to, opposed to an answering machine. It’s like having your own front office receptionist, only she works 24/7 to assist your customers, patients, or clients needs.


10 Reasons to Use an Answering Service Now

Though answering services many vary in services from that of call center services here are 10 things you didn’t know an answering service could do:


1)   Make sure you never miss a call. An answering service works for you 24/7, or just as long as you want them to.


2)   Help retain customers. If you’re never missing calls, you’re less likely to lose customers who move on to the next business if they get your answering machine.


3)   Be personalized to you. You have complete control over what your answering service can do. It can answer only calls during specific says or hours, just handle basic questions, or even dispatch messages using highly detailed instructions that chance as a callers message dictates.


4)   Give you more time to focus on your business. Imagine how much you’d be able to get done without the distractions of the phone ringing. Each time you have to pick up the phone to manage basic receptionist tasks takes away from time you could be giving to other aspects of your business.


5)   Cost less than your receptionist and offers more flexibility. We know that an answering service is not always a good replacement for an on-site employee, but there are times when it makes perfect sense. If you’re receptionist job is limited to fielding 20-30 calls a day an answering service is a great way to substantially reduce labor costs and is flexible in a variety ways: the payment plan, the services offered, the calls it takes. And you are free to alter these services to suit your needs at any time. Alternatively some businesses require an on-site employee during normal operating hours but would fair out nicely using a service after hours to manage calls that may trickle in during odd hours of the night or on weekends.


6)   Keeps you more organized. You won’t have to handle writing down messages or constantly receiving message slips or trying to find them. Instead your message are all easily accessible online when you need them and where you need them.


7)   Makes you look more professional. An answering service gives customers human access to you on a constant basis, showing them that you value their service and giving you the image of a very successful business.


8)   Takes care of themselves. You don’t have to monitor the staff behind an answering service. They are trained professionals and fully prepared and equipped to do what they need to do for your business. They handle all training and employee management.


9)   Records your calls and store the audio files on a server. This is beneficial for many reasons; you can use audio files to see what’s working with customers or to monitor the effectiveness of the answering service.


10.) Gives you a national toll-free number to help expand your presence. Many answering services don’t just handle answering calls; their business caters to a handful of things, as well. A toll-free number allows your customers to call you for free no matter where they are located. In some markets a call can be considered long distance yet the caller will only be a few miles down the road. A toll free number is the perfect solution to compliment your answering service.


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