Contractor Answering Service

As a contractor, it is safe to say you have many responsibilities. From job estimates to site coordination and project management, your days are filled with tasks that help your clients achieve their goals.

One thing that likely eats up your time, however, is answering the phones. While you rely on phones to communicate with current and potential clients, they also keep you from putting in the time needed to ensure each and every project is perfect. At AnswerMTI, we understand this balance and work with clients to build the customized contractor answering service their business requires.

Why an Answering Service for Contractors is so Important

Contractors need to balance every responsibility that comes with the job in order to be successful. This includes coordinating your crew and regularly checking the status of a project. At the same time, contractors must still be able to run their business efficiently and pick up phone calls from current and prospective clients.

Due to the nature of the business, you can’t be in all places at once. Therefore, you need to know that you have the resources available to answer every call and find the best solution for every caller.

A contractor answering service achieves these goals by making sure you have professional agents available 24 hours a day. In addition to working during business hours, AnswerMTI has trained staff ready to assist after hours and on weekends and holidays. The result is an answering service that truly works in the best interest of your company.

The Benefits of an Answering Service

AnswerMTI does more than just answer phones. With unlimited call scripting, our agents will be prepared for virtually any situation that occurs during a call. Your callers will interact with professionals that understand their responsibility to positively represent your business at every interaction.

Additionally, bilingual solutions are available to ensure that AnswerMTI is able to help every single person that calls your company.

By working with a professional answering service, you are able to leave customer service and relationship management to industry experts while you focus on providing clients with the best outcomes for their projects. Learn more about implementing a contractor answering service by contacting AnswerMTI today.