Why Your Rental Properties Need a 24-Hour Apartment Answering Service

One of your tenants wakes up on a Sunday morning, goes to the refrigerator to make breakfast, and discovers it has stopped working. While the food inside is still slightly cool, everything in the freezer is starting to thaw. They quickly call your apartment’s after-hours maintenance line and are greeted by a voice mail system instructing them to leave a message and someone will respond shortly.

Three hours later, the tenant still has not gotten a call back, yet has called and left messages every hour on the hour. They continue calling all throughout the day with no response. They have even gotten so desperate they are calling your leasing office line and leaving messages there, too.

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Finally, at 7 p.m. that evening, the maintenance manager calls back and apologizes for not responding sooner, but the on-call technician was sick and not picking up the messages. The maintenance manager says they will bring a replacement refrigerator to their apartment within the hour.

The maintenance technician arrives and swaps out the refrigerators and informs the tenant it will be a few hours before it will be cold enough for food.  Now the tenant is furious because all of the food in their freezer and refrigerator will have to be tossed out.

This type of scenario is all too familiar in the property management industry. The tenant will more than likely call the leasing office in the morning to complain about how long it took and want some sort of compensation for all the food they lost. If the apartment manager does not do anything, chances are the tenant will not renew their lease when it comes up for renewal.

Furthermore, in today’s social-media-driven society, you can expect them to go online and post poor reviews on Yelp, Rent.com, Apartment Finder, and other such property management sites. Negative online reviews can adversely impact retention rates as well as damaging your ability to attract new tenants.

How a 24-Hour Property Management Answering Service Could Have Helped

With a live answering service, the above scenario would have played out differently. First of all, the tenant’s call would have been answered by a real live person, not a voice mail system. Secondly, due to the urgency of the call, the answering service’s agent would have access to a call tree of maintenance technicians they could contact.

Upon calling the on-call technician and not getting an answer or finding out they were sick, they could have called the maintenance manager or the backup technician for a much faster and more efficient response time. Not only would the tenant be overjoyed that help was on the way right away, but they also would not have lost all their food.

Other Benefits of Using a Live Answering Service for Property Management

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Dispatching emergency maintenance technicians quickly is just one of the numerous benefits an apartment answering service can provide. Other benefits the apartment community and property management team gain include:

  1. All calls are picked up and answered by a live person 24/7.

Whether someone is calling to inquire about apartments, wanting directions, hoping to schedule a tour, or is an existing tenant calling with a question or concern, every call is answered in a professional manner no matter what time the call comes in.

  1. Answering services can be customized to answer calls based on your own specific requirements.

During your normal office hours, you may not always need to rely on an answering service to pick up inbound calls, and this is normal. However, in the event you get busy with walk-ins and cannot get to the phones, rather than having those calls go to voice mail, you can have our answering service handle excess call volumes and those times when you are unable to answer the phone yourself.

This way, your walk-ins get the attention and level of customer service they deserve while callers also receive an equal level of customer service from our answering service. For your current and future tenants, this is a win-win combination.

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  1. You can take advantage of enhanced property management answering services.

Enhanced services are those that provide further value to supplement your existing staffing needs, as well as the needs of your current tenants and future prospects, such as:

  • Scheduling viewings of apartments for new prospects.
  • Sending out reminders to tenants about past-due rent payments.
  • Notifying tenants of upcoming community events.
  • Sending updates to tenants about renovations/remodeling you have planned.
  • Answering general questions about rental rates, leases, security deposits, pet-friendly options, and so on.
  • Bilingual support to give callers an option between English and Spanish.

Furthermore, if you are responsible for managing multiple apartment communities and condominiums in your area, we can provide personalized answering services for each property. For instance, our agents can answer the calls using the name of your property management company, and then ask the caller which property they are calling about. From there, the agent would then access a customized script for that particular property.

On the other hand, if you would prefer each community to have its own telephone number and have calls answered using the name of the property, this is another option you could choose. All of our services and solutions are flexible and adaptable to fit your requirements and can be modified as needed.

Real Estate Answering Services for Realtors

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In some areas, real estate agents not only help people shop for homes and sell homes, but also provide property management services. AnswerMTI also offers professional real estate answering services that can be used for:

  • Property Management Purposes
  • Answering Inquiries About Listed Homes
  • Scheduling Viewings/Showings/Appointments with New and Existing Clients
  • Responding to Maintenance Requests on Rental Homes/Apartments/Condos

Just like our other answering service solutions for apartments and condos, you are free to customize your real estate answering services so you never miss a call.

Why Property Managers Need Professional Live Answering Service Support

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In today’s society, you cannot afford to not have the right staffing levels and ability to answer calls quickly. If you were to browse rental feedback sites, you would quickly see one of the reasons communities get a low feedback score is because:

  • Tenants and apartment shoppers were placed on hold for an extended period of time.
  • Callers were hung up on.
  • People who left voice mail messages never got a return call.
  • Callers got a busy signal or no answer.
  • Tenants could not get assistance and help with emergency maintenance situations.
  • Callers were told to call back later when the office was less busy.

When people are shopping for a new apartment, the first place they do is go online to read reviews. Those communities that use our professional live answering services are often rated higher on feedback sites, which means your overall scores could also be higher.

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Of course, having happy tenants means better retention rates when it comes time for people to renew their leases and higher overall unit occupancy rates for the properties you manage. To learn more about our customizable property management, apartment, and real estate answering services, please feel free to contact AnswerMTI at 1-800-673-2000 today!

Remember to inquire about our free trial to discover how our services can benefit you and to see just how serious we are about helping you be successful, while ensuring the needs of your tenants and future renters are met with impeccable customer service and an attention to detail!