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AnswerMTI has been in Business for 26 years and Utilizes the most Advanced Technology to Back Up our Sterling Reputation.

We are a cut above the rest when it comes to our proprietary paging technology. Whether your requirements are simple or complex, whether your business is large or small—AnswerMTI has a specially designed plan for you. No scenario is too unique for our highly experienced agents to handle. You can also change your notification plan at a moment’s notice.

Please review our menu below and decide which plan works best for you:

Messaging Plan Menu


Basic Paging:

Basic paging is included with most of our plans at no additional cost to you. Our agents will immediately send an automated notification to your cell phone or any other hand-held device. Our alphanumeric paging displays the caller’s information on your communication device. Our digital paging displays our message retrieval number, alerting you of any new voicemail messages.


Save yourself a call and have your messages forwarded directly to your email inbox with our special E-merge feature. In addition to its ease, E-merge is a great tracking tool, giving you a virtual record of your messages to save or delete at your discretion. We also include a brief note in the subject line, so you can prioritize your messages.


Perfect for the avid Blackberry or PDA user, Auto-Mail will send you a brief text message containing your caller’s name, number and nature of the call. Your text will be delivered to you immediately.


Auto-Fax offers you a paper trail for your messages in a timely, organized manner. With Auto-Fax, a message is forwarded directly to your fax number and includes any calls that we have processed in the previous 24 hours. You can also choose to have an Auto-Fax sent to you immediately following every call or at various times of day. This feature is perfect for those in the Medical, Legal and Service reporting industries.

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For your added convenience, several of these great service features can be combined.


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