Answering Service for Hospitals

When it comes to a 24/7 answering service, the healthcare environment is one that benefits the most. Medical emergencies do not happen on a schedule. The dependable communications ensure patients can always reach doctors, and that physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have a reliable means to contact one another.

AnswerMTI offers a hospital answering service available all hours of the day or night. From basic inquiries to calls to surgical teams, clients can rely on our service even during critical emergencies. The answering service also simplifies the administration process. By reducing the demand on your communications infrastructure, your healthcare facility can focus on what matters most—patient health and satisfaction.

Our live answering solutions makes things much easier for the people you serve. Patients can reliably make appointments, follow up on lab results, and contact the appropriate staff for inquiries. Your hospital can provide more individualized service for people in times of their greatest need.

Compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, our service guarantees the privacy of Patient Health Information. Remaining HIPAA compliant in all aspects of our services is important to us, because it is a necessity for you. Hospitals that violate HIPAA and other patient information regulations are exposed to heavy fines and penalties. Our hospital answering services are specially designed to keep your organization in the clear.

Benefits of AnswerMTI Answering Service for Hospitals

Our live answering service and call center solutions are ideal because we employ state-of-the-art software, enabling our agents to appropriately handle any type of call. Hospitals represent one of the most demanding and complex infrastructures. Nonetheless, our professional service meets all their requirements. Our virtual receptionists are familiar with the hectic environment, the types of healthcare-related messages received, and medical terminology, in general. Therefore, clients, vendors, and patients can depend on us as the top choice of hospital answering service.

AnswerMTI 24-hour answering solutions are already used in many hospitals, and in general practices, emergency medical environments, mental health facilities, pediatric offices, and other specialized medical settings. Each time a call is received, a live receptionist answers promptly to provide professional, courteous service. We also employ bilingual virtual receptionists to make your facility even more efficient for callers who are more comfortable speaking Spanish.

Since our solution incorporates emergency dispatch, appointment setting, and a business answering service, it is suitable for all components of a hospital operation. Callers can easily reach doctors, nurses, receptionists, vendors, and anyone else who is part of the hospital communications web. At a hospital, all calls are time-sensitive, and we’re equipped to ensure every call is routed to where it’s supposed to reach.

We also make it easy to review your messages and manage your account via a secure online portal. Once you’re securely logged in, you may also update on-call schedules, make notes for different callers or admin, and even adjust any voicemail/auto attendant features you’ve got set up. Choose from different message delivery options like calls, text, email, or we also support paging to hand-held devices as well, which is ideal for individuals constantly on the move, such as busy doctors and surgeons.

No matter the caller’s needs, our professional receptionists ensure our answering service for hospitals handles every person and message with utmost care. That’s why AnswerMTI is the top choice in the nation. Set up a free trial or contact us online for information, or call us at 800-673-2000.